The construction of the teletechnic network and the construction of the fiber optic buses

The turn of the twenty-first century was a time of big telecommunications investments of Telefonia Dialog in Wroclaw. There were many copper access networks built in order to connect housing estates and city districts. The networks were attached to access cabinets fastened together with fiber buses. Those installations made Internet, telephone and TV services available to the consumers. FONBUD was the contractor responsible for the execution of many of those copper networks e. g. in Wroclaw, Olesnica and Boleslawiec and the fiber optic buses e. g. between Wroclaw and Olesnica.

Additional Info

  • Commencement date: 2000
  • End date: 2001
  • Value: Powyżej 50 000 000 zł
  • Length of the network: Blisko 120 km
  • Length of the cables: b/d
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  • The ordering party: Telefonia Dialog S.A.


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