We have been designing telecommunication and energy networks for 25 years. We provide a fully disciplined services designing external networks e.g. broadband and radio networks, teletechnical and telematics installations as well as energy networks. We also redesign working telecommunication networks adjusting them to the current technical standards.
As an experienced contractor we have a clear perspective in all sorts of projects in terms of timely implementation and financial cost-effectiveness. We use that knowledge to provide our clients: telecomoperators such as Orange, Polkomtel, Dialog (Netia) or TK Telekom and other networks administrators like Tauron or Enea, with profitable investment analysis, technical- economical analysis and functional utility programs.
We carry out complex contracts using our own resources and providing land surveying services. We know that proactiveness is the key in successfully carrying out pojects such as the Lower Silesian Broadband Network with lenght of the routed network of 1 600 km.


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