Thursday, 01 September 2016 11:48

The pilot project giving broadband Internet access to the educational establishments completed

In July 2016 FONBUD completed the implementation of a pilot project with the aim of enabling schools and other educational facilities safe broadband Internet connection.  The project was executed for The Research and Academic Computer Network (pl. NASK).  Due to the nature of the task, only a dozen of schools in Masovia voivodship were chosen to participate in the project. The task was completed within four months. During that time the network’s path was designed and fiber optic cable lines were deployed providing selected facilities with the high bandwidth Internet. 

The project will provide data necessary to plan analogical projects for other educational facilities across the country. NASK wants to create an Internet access model suitable for schools, ensuring high bandwidth and tools controlling the accessed content in order to ensure safe Internet usage for the pupils. The work carried out by FONBUD will also be the benchmark on which costs of future development can be estimated. The project will give a better view of the schools needs and will minimize the risks of future failure.

In August 2016 NASK invited telecommunication operators to join in on the technical dialogue about the project. The dialogue is to precede the announcement of a tender for the National Education Network, enabling educational establishments across the country access to safe broadband Internet.


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