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The implementation of The Silesian Regional Broadband Network has been completed and was summarised at the official closing ceremony on the 3rd of March. The representatives of the ordering party, general contractors, operator and the local government took part in the organised event.  Among the speakers was the Member of the Board of the Silesian Province Mr. Kazimierz Karolczak and the Director of the Silesian Centre of Information Society Mr. Eugeniusz Romański.

The project for the Sielsian Voivodeship was divided into two parts: the northern part included 252 km of network in Tarnowskie Gory, Lubliniec and Częstochowa whilst the sounthern part included 203km of network in Tychy, Bielsko-Biała, Zywiec, Cieszyn and Raciborz. FONBUD, as the general contractor of the southern part, executed both the designing and building parts of the project.
The difficult and varied terrain was an important factor needed to be taken under consideration during the implementation of the contract. The terrain was hilly with hard to reach places. Additionally it was necessary to cross tens of rivers, railway lines, roads and other technical infrastructure. The conditions demanded using horizontal drilling and jacking, covering up to 70% of some routes. The Silesian Regional Broadband Network’s goal is to connect the present local broadband networs and be a platform for future investments in the area. The operator chosen by the Voivodeship will be responsible for the networks further development by providing mass service to other operators present on the telecommunication market.


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